At our office, you’ll be treated like family while we create for you a beautiful smile increasing your self-confidence. The doctor and his caring staff can show you how today’s state-of-the-art braces offer many aesthetic options and efficient treatment to a winning smile.

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We will help you get acquainted with our office and learn about the different types of orthodontic braces and teeth straightening procedures that can be offered to you to create your new and beautiful smile.

The doctor will take extra care to present you a thorough and efficient clinical exam to help diagnose your personal needs. He will tailor a treatment plan especially for you that meet exactly your goals for treatment.

You will have time to ask any questions regarding treatment, office policies or finances. You will be given a treatment plan and a complete breakdown of your financial responsibilities including benefits from any orthodontic insurance.


Orthodontic appliances come in a variety of styles these days.

From the multi-colored rings that go around the metal wires to clear trays, < orthodontic treatment has advanced in more ways than you know. Metal


Sometimes it is advantageous for children between ages 7-10 to undergo an early treatment of orthodontics. This is commonly known as a Phase I treatment. Indications for a Phase I treatment include anterior and/or posterior crossbites, extreme crowding, excessive overbite, and jaw disharmony. Another reason for starting an early treatment is to build self-confidence in a child who is very conscious about his or her smile. Phase I treatment usually lasts about 12 months. You must understand that accepting an early treatment does not eliminate a Phase II treatment. Phase I usually helps prepare for Phase II by eliminating the need for extractions at a future treatment.orthodontist


Many adults are having orthodontic treatment to give them a brighter smile. About 25% of most practices are composed of adult treatment. This ranges from simple alignments with clear aligners to more complex treatments involving orthognathic surgery. Please don’t be alarmed; just because you have stopped growing does not mean that you are doomed to have extractions or will require having your jaw repositioned.

Most adults do not require extractions and with some cooperation using rubber bands can correct most problems. Adults of all ages are having treatment; you are never too old to consider improving your smile.

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