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Bathroom Remodeling

Sick of looking at the same old, same old in your bathroom? Well, you don’t have to anymore! These Local Plumbers can help you turn that drab bathroom into a fab bathroom. More info at

The fun part for you – the homeowner – is picking the design and style that best fits who you are. The fun part for us is making sure all the pieces you picked out function efficiently. Our bathroom remodeling team has the skills and the experience to transform your old bathroom into a stylish, personal spa.

Because your bathroom is entirely made up of plumbing, every aspect of the remodel will require an expert. Here is what you can expect from our qualified staff:

Design plans for your bathroom

Install plumbing structure where needed

Install showers, tubs, sinks and toilets

Select plumbing fixtures and appliances

Determine the location for new plumbing

Acquire the proper permits and inspectionsBathroom Remodeling FeaturesSinks: You may think you know what kind of sink you are looking for, until you have all of the options in front of you. It can be overwhelming, but let our team help make it easier. We will provide you with all the information to help you make the right decision for your remodeling project.Bathtubs: Our technicians are bathtub installation experts. No matter what kind of tub you want – Roman, Jacuzzi, or a custom built-in one – we can install it quickly and properly.Showers: Do you want to stick with a traditional shower-and-bath combination or step out of your comfort zone and do something a little different? Our shower specialists can help steer you in the right direction, and install the product you choose! Whether you decide on a rectangular shower or a D-shaped shower, our experts will have you up and running in no time.Faucets: Once you have the perfect sink picked out, you want to have a faucet that matches it. But, you also want it to be unique. Our expert plumbers will make sure you get both of those things, while also ensuring it’s not only attractive, but functional as well.

Bathroom Remodeling Benefits

Besides adding a little something extra to your home, remodeling your bathroom has many other benefits:

Increased home value

Energy saving appliances

Water conserving fixtures

Better functioning bathroom fixtures

Increased aesthetic valueThe Twin Plumbers Bathroom Remodeling Experience

bathroom remodeling
We aren’t new at this. Here’s a story about how we helped a local family get the bathroom they always wanted – and needed- and how it changed all of our lives forever. Don’t just deal with a bathroom you hate. Call The Twin Plumbers today so our remodeling team can help get your bathroom looking great again!

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Silverfish Insect Extermination – Step-by-Step Guide

A silver fish insect infestation can be one of the most difficult to clear your home of. These unpleasant, scaly visitors can be tricky to get rid of because of their extraordinary survival skills. They have been around for 300 million years. They live up to 3 years and lay hundreds of eggs in that period, and they can eat a huge variety of different things.

But not to worry! There are some simple steps you can take to guarantee a silver fish-free home. But they are not the steps most people assume you should take, which is why most people lay out a ton of silver fish insect poison only to find their little friends returning again a few weeks later. The trick with silver fish is to remove the root of the problem – the ideal silver fish living conditions which exist in your home. And only then kill of any that don’t leave of their own accord.Home Pests - Silverfish Find More Information Here: @
Step 1: Cut off their entrance

The silver fish in your home have come in through some easy route of access. Try and find it and close it off to them. It might be a crack under a door or the hole in your ventilation system. Only when this is dealt with can you turn your attention to the ones indoors.

Step 2: Cut of their food supply

This step is the biggest, and it might seem like a lot of work. But unfortunately it’s the only way to be sure. You have to make it very hard for the silver fish to find an easy meal in your home. They eat a large variety of things, from your cereals (anything starchy), to the glue in your book-bindings. They’ll eat mold and mildew if you have any in your bathroom, and many other common things around your home. It’s well-worth researching a full list of what silver fish can eat before you take this step.

Step 3: Fill in the cracks

One problem with silver fish insects is that they lay lots of eggs, which are hard to find. But if you fill in all the cracks in your floorboards and under your skirting boards, in the walls, etc., you will be able to get rid of most of their favorite egg-laying spots.

Step 4: Dry out the place

A silver fish insect simply loves dark, warm, moist areas. Anywhere with excess dampness is an ideal home for them. In fact, they cannot live in dry places. So your next step is to find anywhere in your home which is rather damp or moist and dry it out, either by fixing the source of moisture or dehumidifying the whole area. This step makes a huge difference.

Step 5: It’s poison and trap time

You now have an inhospitable home to silver fish, with little or no food available to them. The entrance is sealed so more can’t come in, and there are not likely to be many eggs hidden around because you’ve sealed all the cracks up.

So now all that remains is to kill the adults still around. Once your home becomes inhospitable most silver fish will actually leave of their own accord. But it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Any good poison for silver fish insects from the local DIY store will do the job. Some traps use harmful boric acid, so if you have pets you might want to get sticky traps, which work just as well but without any toxic substances.

Killing Silverfish with Poison
Silverfish like to settle down in dark and humid areas of a house such as the kitchen, cellar, bathrooms, laundry spaces, attic and the inner walls in newly-constructed residences where the plaster is still wet. These arthropods like to hide in old newspapers, books, food, furniture items and old clothes.

If you decide that you are going to tackle your silverfish problem with poison, then there is some optional preparation that you might want to do first. If you have an infestation in multiple places, then you might want to drive the silverfish into just one or two areas so that you can limit the amount of poison that you will need to spread around your home.

Preventive Measures and Silverfish Herding

Start by getting rid of their little hiding places by discarding old newspapers, books, magazines and infested clothing. Refrain from letting leftovers go rotten, check the cupboards where you keep your cereals, minimize dampness with fans and dehumidifiers and keep lights on in infested and dimmed rooms to drive these insects towards an area that can be controlled easily.

They need food and moisture to survive so deprive them of that in a location where they have set up residence and they will soon move out. They can live without food for a year, so removing their moisture source is the most effective method to get them to move quickly. Along with making the environment inhospitable you could also use some non-poison ‘push’ techniques to move them on, such as herbs and cucumber peel.

Banish Them with Boric Acid

When you have your silverfish herded into a few key locations then it is time to break out the chemicals. The deadliest and most effective poison against these little critters is Boric Acid. It functions as a stomach contaminant and impairs their fragile exoskeletons. Follow these simple tips to ensure proper usage (and of course pay close attention to the instructions provided).

Scatter the boric acid in your affected areas e.g. at the back of appliances, book holders, around cabinets and dressers, by the side of walls, in the basement and attic, on all sides of the toilet, bathroom shower, kitchen sink, and furniture pieces. You can utilize bread and crackers to serve as bait for an acid trap.

Allow the boric acid to remain for several days and then clean the mess together with the dead silverfish using a vacuum cleaner.

The instructions are simple enough and the effectiveness of this stuff is not in question, but if you use this poison be sure to keep it away from children and pets because it can be harmful to humans and animals as well as insects.

Attack Them Fast with a Spray

If you want to kill your silverfish fast, then you can hit them with a spray. If there is a critter in your bathroom or bedroom and you want to take it out quickly then a spray is one of your best options.

Try to exercise some restraint and economy rather that going full out Rambo because you don’t need a lot to take out a silverfish.

This stuff is an insecticide so remember that you will need to clean thoroughly afterwards the areas in which you let rip with the spray.

Using Traps

We have already mentioned one trap where you use bread and crackers with Boric Acid but there are plenty of different ways that you can trap them.

Not all traps have to contain poisons and we have provided details previously on natural silverfish traps including Jar Traps and Damp Newspapers. These work well enough but the difference with poison traps is that the intention is to both trap and kill them. Clearly you can fashion your own poison traps in any way you wish or you can just buy a product that has been designed specifically for the job at hand such as Dekko Silverfish Packs. They simply have to eat through the yummy packs and what do you know, they are poisoned (mostly due to the Boric Acid they contain). You get 24 packs to a box and you just need to place 2 or 3 in infected areas. It will take a little while to bring your problem under control but you can be a lot more confident about leaving these things in sensitive areas around your house than you could with your homemade poisonous contraptions.

Take Care When Using Poison

When you use silverfish poison or any form of poison trap you have to exercise a lot of caution. Clean your home thoroughly after using toxic chemicals so there will be no residue left that can harm members of your family and domestic pets. Follow any provided instructions carefully.

If you can, refrain from using harmful chemicals and opt instead for natural measures and non-toxic substances. Concentrate more on the technique rather than the means. The goal is to get the silverfish out and then stop them from coming back to re-infest your home. Poison will win some battles but not the war.

You need to be aware that these pests need two essential things to survive which are food and water. You have to eliminate these to get rid of these arthropods once and for all.

Using poison for your silverfish problem is a good way to bring their numbers under control, but the eggs will probably survive and if you keep the environment right for them then they will likely come back in numbers.

Once you have nuked them you should to turn to natural measures to make your home environment inhospitable for them.

Silverfish Extermination

Imagine if you were in an epic battle with an invading enemy that has been on the earth 100 million years longer than the dinosaurs. Imagine this nearly unstoppable invader was extremely adaptable, could live on the crudest kind of foods, and was immune to dozens of varieties of poisons.

Many people today are embroiled right now with that very enemy, and it’s the amazing silverfish. At first, the name “silverfish” sounds like something pretty, like a beautiful, sparkling fish. But a silverfish is a common crawling insect, and millions of homes serve as unwilling hosts to these persistent pests, which are extremely difficult to get rid of.

Pest control
Unlike other household pests, such as cockroaches, silverfish can live on either food, or non-food substances. What makes silverfish tough is that they can eat things like paper, glue, cardboard, books, or anything with starch in it, including pasta, potatoes, sawdust, wallpaper and more. Thus, keeping an extremely clean kitchen is not enough to starve out silverfish and accomplish silverfish extermination.

You also need to make sure you don’t have old newspaper lying around or cardboard boxes, say, in closets, or other areas. Silverfish love to eat this kind of stuff. One of the best silverfish extermination strategies is to seek out where they seem to be thriving the most, find where they are keeping their eggs and then destroy the eggs.

Yes, there are some insecticides designed to poison and kill silverfish, but you’ll have limited success with a poisoning approach if you don’t also find the eggs and get rid of them. When you poison the adults, the hatchlings will emerge in 19 to 43 days, and you’ll have more silverfish. Still, check with your local hardware or department store and ask for substances designed to knock off silverfish.

Silverfish have amazingly long life spans. Some have been noted to live up to eight years in captivity. They also can get into just about any area of your house because they are expert jumpers. They have the ability to spring some two feet into the air. Your ultimate success in silverfish extermination is often determined by how well you clean your house and remove those things that make silverfish happy; substances containing starch, such as carpet glue, rugs, books, newspapers, cardboard, old wallpaper, bits of starchy foods, and so forth.

If you really want to pinpoint where silverfish are living, try setting some bait. Make a paste from flour and water and spread it on some small squares of cardboard, or maybe index cards. Set them in places where you think silverfish are sighted most in your home. The cards that show the most nibbling indicate a silverfish colony somewhere nearby. With this knowledge, you can better search and destroy.

By the way, why are these tenacious pests called silverfish? You’ll know when you see them. They resemble tiny silver fish. They’re about a ½-inch long as adults. Silverfish are expert survivors. As we said, scientists know they go back at least 400 million years because they have been found in fossils. But don’t get discouraged. You can banish the tenacious silverfish from your home. Silverfish extermination is possible. It takes effort, a strategy and a determination to destroy their habitat, which also means you’ll have a neat and tidy house.